Where was Whitingham?
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To the Editor,

As I read through the last several Deerfield Valley News papers, I ask myself, ”Where is Whitingham?” I know there have been several important issues discussed lately about the ambulance service and its future,but not a word printed.

Did Whitingham have a Town Meeting? In fact they did and it was a very good meeting. The voters made changes on the floor and were acted upon. Money was cut, line items passed over,budgets increased, and a lot of very good discussion. There was also an election. In fact there was a tie vote for a write in position for school board director.

I know that the press has been present for all I have mentioned yet nothing in this paper. Word has it not enough going on in Whitingham to have a reporter at a selectboard meeting anymore.I hope this is not the reason. Whitingham may not have a lot of heated meetings, but there is plenty of business being conducted.


Greg Brown

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March 16, 2013
Another thing, I think they are very reluctant to publish negative facts. They seem more interested in keeping certain peoples smiles on their faces than to actually inform the public.

This Twin Valley mess only gets positive press when in fact its the worst thing we ever did, but the Valley News wont print the negative facts of the situation.
March 16, 2013
Greg, there are a lot of things happening that could get coverage in this paper, but for some reason all they want from surrounding towns is the $1.00 a copy from the sales. I guess they believe all surrounding towns just want to read about Wilmington's woes and crying and moaning.

Each town has their own issues and people in those towns would like to know about them too.I guess if you crave high school sports, Twin Valley or inquire about places to dine, the paper might be of interest.