Tired of hearing exaggeration about ACA
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Dear Editor;

I read, with some small disgust, the letter last week bemoaning the Affordable Care Act and Vermont’s new insurance exchange. There was a bit of hysteria-making and outright, shall we say, exaggeration.

Our ‘leaders’ have finally recognized the failure of businesses, big and small, to ‘provide’ either insurance coverage or the pay scale necessary for the individual worker to buy his or her own coverage. On top of this is the insurers, who are always finding new ways to deny coverage so the top execs get bigger and bigger bonuses and the shareholders get even bigger returns on investment, yet the ordinary worker/taxpayer shares none of these and gets further and further behind.

What really got me, however, was the crying about how the ACA now defines full-time employment as 30-plus hours per week insead of the “traditional” 40 hours per. I would think the Feds did this due to many, many businesses cutting employees’ hours to 30-32 hours per week so as not to have to give full-time benefits. We see this here in the Deerfield Valley. Why else why would so many people need to work two or three jobs?

I am also extremely tired of hearing how the government is not doing enough to help business. The definition of fascism is government and business being in bed together.

These days, it seems to me, they’ve pulled the covers back and are preparing to get in but are being slowed down by measures such as these. Why else the caterwaling about how this will bring down the economy and all the paperwork the poor, poor businesses will now have to do?

Let me say I do recognize and salute the benefits of small businesses in our economy and our lives. I do. But, I am sick and tired of hearing how we (the country) aren’t doing enough for them.

Here it is...when you, the “small businesses” do for us, the we’ll do for you. Employ people at 40 hours a week, extend to them the insurance you get through the business, and pay all the taxes owed.

And quit complaining.

Sincerely yours,

Dwight Schmuck

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September 27, 2013
Mr. Schmuck: Take a $12/hr employee working 30 hours per week 52 weeks a year earns a yearly salary of $18,720. Now lets assume that employee will need a family plan under ACA. Lets assume the choice of Gold Plan through VHC network. That Gold Plan would cost the employer an additional $17,796 per year. And you wonder why employers are reducing hours to circumvent the honorable Obama's utopic world?