Not much has changed in 600 years
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To the Editor,

Now that the new murder charges against John Grega have been dismissed by the Windham County State’s Attorney for lack of evidence, where do we go from here?

Mr. Grega was thrown in prison for almost 20 years for a crime he no doubt did not commit. So, what is he to do about that? For that matter, what are we to do about it?

There appears to be a disconnect here and it is scary. The law enforcement and local authorities seem to still believe that Mr. Grega did in fact kill his wife, but they can’t prove it and they ran out of places to test DNA. This apparent refusal to even admit the possibility they erred and that an innocent man went to jail is typical of the “CYA” approach to things these days.

As Niccolo Machiavelli, the Italian authoritarian, was fond of saying,”I’d rather have the people fear me then love me.” That was his way of keeping his subjects in line. Nowadays we have the cover “your a.. “ approach to the same control of the people issue. I guess things really have not changed since the 1400s and Machiavelli.


Tom King

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