Proposed state Latin motto “Stella quarta decima fulgeat”
This year has started off with a number of overwhelming issues that are confronting us - child protection, the budget shortfall, meaningful jobs with good benefits, education funding, guns, the sta...
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This Week in History
10 years ago: Eight-year-old Hank Sweeney, of Wilmington, was raising money to purchase an “ark,” a gift purchased through Heifer International that provides enough livestock - sheep, rabbits, pigs...
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A ski buddy: friends and buddies on the mountain
The two young skiers boarding the chairlift were smiling. Then everything changed. As my wife Cheryl and I moved through the final turn in the maze, and prepared to load, we observed that the young...
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Quality education at a price Vermonters can afford
By Gov. Peter Shumlin In my years of public service, I have never heard a clearer message from Vermonters than the one they sent this past November on school spending and property taxes. This issue...
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What is happening when a river turns brown
When our rivers turn brown, few people think about what is going on in the river system. That added color is sediment. Sediment is soil, sand, gravel, stones and organic material transported downst...
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Committee shake-up at Statehouse
Speaker Shap Smith has accomplished quite a shake-up of committees in the House of Representatives, none more important for the long run than his putting education finances in what formerly was jus...
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This Week in History
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10 years ago: Residents of Shearer Hill Road attended a Wilmington Selectboard meeting to oppose the board’s plan to pave the road. The residents presented a laundry list of concerns, from storm ru...
New payroll health tax hopes to address cost shift
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As someone who for the past 25 years has owned, advised or worked closely with a Vermont business, I know firsthand how confusing our health care system is for employers. But here’s the most confus...
Win/win lessons and answers to flooding
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There is flooding somewhere in Vermont every year. When the most recent superflood, Tropical Storm Irene, deluged Vermont our infrastructure, roads, culverts, and bridges bore much of the brunt of ...
Statehouse newbie gets settled in
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In my first report to the district, I’d like to give you a brief overview of the first week of the session and the environment in which I find myself working. The first thing I learned is there are...
Crespi puts together a great list of supplies for skiers and riders alike
by Tony Crespi
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Didn’t get everything you wanted from Santa? No worries, there are plenty of items out there for skiers and riders to add to their collection. New gear can be enticing, whether it’s new skis, a boa...
Despite society’s advances, written words ring true
by Rev. Dr. Marcia Dorey
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  I was thinking back (as elderly people do, doncha know) about the major changes that have happened since I was a youngster.   The most extraordinary, I think, is travel to outer space.  I remembe...