Sweet Pie, a nearly naked legend, was a favorite in the area
DEERFIELD VALLEY- One of the valley’s most enduring local legends may be Sweet Pie, a scantily-clad, long-haired, bearded, boogie-woogie blues piano player who called the valley home for about a de...
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No fantasy lover over 12 can resist this book
“The Reader. Book One of Sea of Ink and Gold” by Traci Chee Kelanna, “a wonderful and terrible world of water and ships and magic,” is composed of four major islands whose commercial and political ...
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Still plenty of colors to enjoy during stick season
Between the glorious oranges and yellows and reds of the trees’ autumn display, and the quiet white softness of snow, comes a season fondly known as “stick season.” I’m reminded of how stick season...
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Embracing regrets: Living in peace with the past
Not long ago, I spoke with the mother of a young person who was facing considerable jail time for some reckless and dishonest behavior in support of their drug habit. This mother was filled with tr...
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Things we take for granted can kill
I am willing to bet that your kitchen counters, like mine, display a lineup of electric appliances, all permanently plugged in, ready for use. We just learned at this week’s Aging In Place Thursday...
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Region boasts impressive array of rocks
DEERFIELD VALLEY- Historians and geologists have long noted the presence of impressive boulders in this part of the state. Perhaps the most famous one is found in the western part of Whitingham, an...
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American girls make history
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Hard work ranks students at second place in the state
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BRATTLEBORO- Students at the Windham Regional Career Center have reason to be proud of their good work and effort. Recently, four students from Errold Nelson’s Agricultural Land Management course s...
Persistence can pay off when one has a serious illness
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Persistence pays off when a serious illness strikes. Let me tell you a story. It is a true story and an amazing one. My friend Linda is, as I write, planning a family vacation to Yellowstone and th...
Healing begins with the honoring of the loss
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By Dario Lussardi There are times in the life of our valley towns when the death of a well-known family member, especially when unexpected, can reverberate through the community with a particularly...
Election of 1916 had its conflict
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Pitted two starkly different candidates
Firm creates accessible solution
by Lauren Harkawik
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WILMINGTON- Innovation is happening in Wilmington. Joseph Cincotta and Julie Lineberger of LineSync Architecture have designed Wheel Pad, an accessible living module. Wheel Pad attaches to an exist...
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