Meanings behind river names that tickle the tongue
Native American people named places as they, like all people, needed commonly understood names for places in order to locate themselves and tell others of their location. Although different bands h...
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Some like it hot, some like it cold
There’s an old nursery rhyme about “Pease porridge” that ends with this little bit of wisdom: “Some like it hot. Some like it cold. Some like it in the pot nine days old.” Well, I don’t know about ...
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My first Vermont Ramadan, time to spiritually recharge
Editor’s note: We’re pleased to welcome Jasmine Riad as a regular contributor to The Deerfield Valley News. Jasmine’s column will focus on Islamic religion and culture, and we’re looking forward to...
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Seniors supporting seniors for more elder power
When I joined the Aging in Place task force, I asked them to give me a sit-down job. They said I could write articles for the paper and for the Senior Newsletter. So, when you see my name in the pa...
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H.361: What was left on the cutting room floor
The newly enacted education governance reform law, H.361, has set in place a process designed to lead to larger school districts, a process if not achieved by a certain time, will result in action ...
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Supporting Bernie is smart politics for Vermonters
Here’s why I’m standing with Sen. Bernie Sanders in his run for the presidential Democratic nomination and why it’s smart politics for other Vermonters — and moderate to liberal voters everywhere —...
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Time to establish independent ethics commission
by From the Statehouse Secretary of State Jim Condos
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Vermonters deserve good government, and that includes an open and transparent government! We are proud of our state and our collective ability to overcome any difficult issue we may encounter. As V...
Legislative session was faced head-on by everyone
by From the Statehouse: Gov. Peter Shumlin
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We convened the legislative session in January with the goal of making this economy work for every single Vermonter and resolving the challenges that undermine our quality of life. It was an agenda...
A lot has been accomplished but not without controvery and compromise
by Legislative Update: Sen. Jeanette White
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Montpelier is a lot quieter this week. The legislative staff is busy making sure everything has been done and the governor is reviewing all the bills sent to him for signature. At this end of the s...
Let’s make more spending cuts, not increase taxes
by From the Statehouse: Gov. Peter Shumlin
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Even as Vermont’s economy continues to show signs of progress, the message I hear from Vermonters is that they don’t feel the economic recovery is reaching their pocketbooks. While we have the sixt...
Doctors are not the same, look for a talented one to serve you and yours
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In the previous (younger) decades of my life I never could understand why old people talked endlessly about their illnesses, aches and pains, and surgeries. I used to think, “I will never do that. ...
Beavers: No dam needed, thank you very much
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The beaver floated there with just the top half of its head sticking up out of the water and stared and stared and stared.  In the early twilight, it was menacing in its constant resolute presence....