Vet writes to change conversation
MARLBORO—In the company of history, Brandon Willitts, 31, stood among many when he enrolled at Marlboro College in the autumn of 2009. A veteran of the war in Afghanistan, where he served in the Na...
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Summer is going where it always goes, to the past
Where has the summer gone? We have only August left to protect us from September and the coming autumn. How did June become July, and now move into August? We couldn’t stop it if we wanted to. Woul...
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Boaters, don’t ruin it for yourself or anyone else
As the 2014 river season hits it stride, the Connecticut River Watershed Council asks all river users to protect the Connecticut River and its tributaries from invasions of exotic plants and animal...
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This Week in History
10 years ago: The Deerfield Valley Transit Association purchased the former Vermont Barnboard factory on Mill Street in Wilmington. A scoping study had identified the site as the best spot for a tr...
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“A bunch of Italian women who don’t want to run out of food”: Friends hold benefit for cancer fight
DOVER- Old friends will gather at the Dover Town Hall next Wednesday for a homemade Italian meal.  Among them will be Kelly Pawlak, Gale Palladino, Patty Santoro, Gina Sarlo, and Suzanne Bauer.  Th...
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“You gotta move!” Overcoming obstacles to exercise
You know you should do it regularly. And you know why: Exercising, or moving instead of sitting, is critical for health and safeguarding your well-being. You know it is important, not only for your...
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Connecticut River a highway for many fish species
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In spring, the Connecticut River becomes a highway. Moving along this migration artery are fish stimulated to do so by the urge to spawn and extend the life of their species to the next generation....
Shavuot: June’s festival of weeks is a celebration of Torah, education, participation in Jewish life
by Faith Schuster
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Ask almost anyone, even people who are not Jewish, about Chanukah and they’ll know something about that holiday. Ask almost anyone, even people who are Jewish, about Shavuot and you’ll probably get...
Welcoming the miraculous presence of strangers
by Rev. Dr. Marcia Dorey
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Who would have thought?  On my way to the Rotary Garden in Whitingham, suddenly there was a terrible sound under my car—like someone was under there with a hammer!  I stopped and looked underneath ...
Governance shouldn’t be focus of education reform
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One of my great concerns about what might happen next legislative session regarding “education reform” is that it is poised once again to be driven by the notion of “governance changes” as the next...
Greatest job of his life
by Jack Deming
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Fox recalls “Hoot, Toot and Whistle” rail line WHITINGHAM- On St. Patrick’s Day, 1958, 22-year-old Jacksonville resident Reggie Fox went to the office of Harry Lowe at the Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmingto...
Love for cooking becomes class, local TV show
by Jack Deming
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JACKSONVILLE- Robin Stenner has had a lifelong love of both cooking and serving good food, a passion that has taken her from cooking Mexican dishes in Tuscon, to serving tables at the White House I...