Watch a way of looking out for one another
In last week’s issue we reported on a group of Whitingham residents who are forming a neighborhood watch. This is being done in response to a string of burglaries that have taken place along Merrif...
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Celebrating the sweet goodness of blueberries
It’s blueberry festival time here in the Deerfield Valley. The time when many things in the valley turn a lovely shade of blue, when people come together to celebrate that little berry with the dee...
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Unable to bear reality
“We give (bears) the reason to come around homes, which is a fundamental reality that absolutely needs to change. The primary challenge that remains is getting the message out to a broader audience...
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New manager, strong leader
Wilmington is in the middle of the hiring process for a new town manager. Nothing would make us happier that to see that person be a strong leader who can carry out the directives set by voters and...
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Only a matter of time
Saturday evening saw torrential rain come down around the region. While there was little damage done locally, save for high water in lakes and streams, there were roads washed out around the larger...
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Act 60 at 20: Where does Vermont go from here?
This week marks the 20th anniversary of Act 60. The law was signed by then-Gov. Howard Dean at a ceremony in Whiting, the hometown of Amanda Brigham. It was her name that was attached to the landma...
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Valley rallies to help
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Every now and again we’re reminded about some of the reasons why living here in the Deerfield Valley is such a great experience. That happened once more this week following a terrible fire in Jacks...
Tough Mudder still relevant
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Speaking of stepping up, a few thousand athletes will be stepping up, jumping down, getting soaked, crawling around, and basically abusing themselves in the name of a good cause at Mount Snow. This...
Club needs to rebuild the confidence of community
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In last week’s issue and again this week, we’ve been reporting on some financial woes that have beset the Hermitage Club. Basically, the club has fallen behind on property tax payments to the towns...
Vetos are no surprise
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“At the beginning of the session, I challenged the Legislature to give residents and businesses a break from new or higher taxes and fees in all bills passed this year. I also urged the Legislature...
Consolidation rolls on
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The Act 46 train continues to roll down the tracks. On Wednesday, voters approved Act 46 plans for the Twin Valley towns of Wilmington and Whitingham and the new Southern Valley district towns of R...
Memorial Day for all
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Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have given so much in the service of our country. We honor men and women who have served the country in times of war and in times of peace. They deserve ...