Shopping locally benefits the economy and the community
Next week is the traditional beginning of the holiday shopping season, although many would say that it really began at Halloween or earlier. In any event, once again we encourage folks around the v...
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Words for veterans
Saturday is Veterans Day. It’s important to take a moment to reflect on what veterans mean to the country. Wherever they might have been engaged, Kabul, Baghdad, Kosovo, Mogadishu, Panama City, Da ...
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If the suit fits, wear it
News this week that the town of Whitingham, and two of its residents, have filed a lawsuit challenging the way Vermont accounts for and doles out its education dollars should not come as a big surp...
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Data on program is still inconclusive, needs time
Last week we had a front page story about a digital marketing dashboard program that, to this point, hasn’t been successful. We were disappointed to see that the backers of the plan were willing to...
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Workforce development, affordability are keys to finding good employees
Talk with just about any business owner or manager around the region, and it won’t take long before a common refrain begins to emerge. Many, if not all, businesses in southern Vermont are having a ...
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Paving problems persist
Now when I die I don’t want no coffin, I thought about it all too often. Just strap me in behind the wheel and bury me with my automobile. Damn this traffic jam, how I hate to be late, it hurts my ...
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Three simple numbers, many difficult solutions
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“The numbers that keep me up at night are six, three, one. Every day we lose six workers from the workforce. Every day there are three fewer students. And there is one baby born to opiates or addic...
Big loss for the valley
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The valley lost one of its more influential and colorful personalities this past week. Former Valley News publisher Don Albano died early Saturday morning after a long decline in health. For those ...
Tight labor pool cause for concern in rural towns
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The Vermont Department of Labor announced today that the seasonally-adjusted statewide unemployment rate for August was 3%. This reflects a decline of one-tenth of one percentage point from the rev...
State, providers yet to deliver on broadband
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Last week we ran a story about a broadband access discussion at the Whitingham Selectboard meeting. At the meeting, the board heard concerns about the lack of service in the town, and concerns over...
Planning never done
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“Six years ago, Vermont faced one of its most impactful natural disasters when Tropical Storm Irene caused major flooding across the state. Our response and recovery – from the state and local gove...
EB-5 needs a fresh start
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News this week that the federal government is shutting down Vermont’s EB-5 regional center shouldn’t have been shocking to anyone who has followed the ups and downs of the state’s program during th...