Budget cuts cause concern
Last week’s front page story about senior meals in Jacksonville being in jeopardy of cutbacks or outright elimination should be unsettling for a number of reasons. First and foremost because a deca...
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Legislature goes home
For anyone who pays attention to such things, history will likely recall the 2016 edition of the Vermont legislative session as one known more for the things it didn’t do, rather than what it did d...
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Debt problems are real
Vermont senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has scored a lot of political points in his run for the Oval Office by talking about the overwhelming financial burden students loans have ...
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No shotgun weddings
Act 46 may drive many communities across the state into shotgun marriages with other towns, by forcing them to consider merging school districts. The idea of the law is that by merging, larger dist...
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EB-5 scandal causes some local apprehension
The news out of the Northeast Kingdom during the past two weeks hasn’t been very good. Two ski area operators, Bill Stenger and Ariel Quiros, have been charged with blatant misuse of EB-5 investor ...
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Old school solution vital for long-term plans
Taxpayers and town officials in Wilmington have a bit of a conundrum to deal with. It centers around what to do with the former Twin Valley High School building and how to meet the goals of the pla...
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No more tolerance for trolls on our website
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Well, it finally happened. The camel’s back has broken. The Deerfield Valley News has removed the ability to post anonymous comments on our website. This wasn’t something we did in haste, or took l...
Committee a good option for Wilmington
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Wilmington’s selectboard is considering forming a committee to advise the board on what to do with the revenues from the town’s 1% option tax. The tax generates significant revenue for the town and...
Lack of high speed keeps this kingdom forgotten
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Last week’s front page article about uncertainty surrounding concerns over Vermont Telephone Company’s wireless Internet service had a familiar feel to it. Once again, rural Vermont communities are...
Nothing worse than a death by a thousand cuts
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While it is not unusual for school budgets to be voted down at Town Meeting, this year saw only a handful across the state. Readsboro was one of only 11 towns or school districts in Vermont, and th...
A loss for the valley
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The announcement this week by Ann Manwaring that she will not be running for a sixth term in the Vermont House is a loss for the valley (see story on page 1). Not only for the people of the towns s...
Presidential possibilities?
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Tuesday was Town Meeting day for most communities in the state. Voters across Vermont had their say not only about local issues, but also had their chance to weight in on national politics. By hold...