Officials warn about feeding wildlife
WILMINGTON - Interactions between people and wildlife continue to lead to potentially dangerous conditions for both humans and animals in the valley, according to Vermont game warden Richard Watkin...
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Rogue riders go off trail, club closes it
WILMINGTON- A major snowmobile connector route was shut down this week after a group of riders left the Route 100 trail and caused damage on private land the trail crossed. By Wednesday morning, th...
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Hermitage Club "fully operational" after shutdown by state
Update: The Hermitage Club opened on Friday after making a payment to the Vermont Department of Taxes, and will be fully operational through the weekend, according to the club's public relations di...
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Plan reviews are mixed
Dispensary gets support from users, opposition from medical, law enforcement professionals
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Voters decide fate of selectboard expansion
HALIFAX- Voters narrowly turned down a proposal to expand the selectboard to five members and discussed many issues at Town Meeting. Moderator Paul Blais opened Town Meeting and introduced Rep. Joh...
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Town expenditures approaching $1 million mark
Wardsboro- This is almost a million-dollar town. Wardsboro citizens voted that amount for town expenses, including the Gilfeather Bridge replacement bond payment, which will be $922,757. The figure...
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User fee transfer to school shot down
by Randy Capitani
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WHITINGHAM- Voters at Town Meeting decided in a close vote not to continue paying user fees to the Twin Valley School District for community use of the Twin Valley district schools. Following openi...
“Civil Rights for All” a big topic in small town
by Shannon Haaland
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MARLBORO- On Tuesday the small meeting house quickly filled up with the residents of the town. Across from the Marlboro Town House was a banner reading “Civil Rights for All” on the old church/meet...
Taxes and zoning take center stage
by Linda Donaghue
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READSBORO – Moderator Jim LeQuier opened Town Meeting Monday evening with a caveat to the audience that the school budget had already been decided and was not open for discussion. But the school ta...
Home health service gets voter support
by Mike Eldred
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WILMINGTON- Despite several attempts by voters to reduce spending at Town Meeting, all of the day’s spending articles were approved. Article 4, to raise and appropriate $2,202,095 for the general f...
Voters approve bus, extended pre-K
by Lauren Harkawik
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DOVER- During the school portion of Dover’s Town Meeting, voters approved a new bus route, which will run from the Dover School to Brattleboro, for secondary and high school students. Voters also a...
Voters in giving mood at meeting
by Lauren Harkawik
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DOVER- Dan Baliotti was elected to a three-year selectboard term on Tuesday, defeating first-time candidate Candis Muuss. Baliotti has been serving on the board but was also a first-time candidate....