Are wind detractors this ignorant, selfish
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To the Editor:

Are we really this ignorant, and in the “long” term, (closer than we like to think) this selfish? And this self-destructive? Two letters last week blasted wind energy development in Vermont. Destroying our natural views? You must be kidding. Do we not understand that evidenced-based science says global warming will drive our habitats to destructive change aesthetically, never mind environmentally, as our mixed hardwood habitats will no longer thrive here due to climate changes caused by our economically self-centered use of fossil fuels and our refusal to take responsibility for the future?

When I look at the windmills on Searsburg, I see beauty. I’ve never heard a tourist voice disgust that the views were destroyed. I see a hope for the global future. I see Vermont’s people preserving something we love dearly, that being our lovely habitats and our way of life. Shall we really deny a chance to keep those things more sustainable?

It makes me very sad that denial of sound research in favor of a wacky, emotionally-based negligence of our environment, clothed as “concern” by business and not-in-my-backyard (or even within my sight) interests for the “views,” can persuade the people of our beautiful state to oppose measures that are in our best interest. How blind that is. The science is real. What “views” remain after habitats are inexorably altered by global warming?

Any measures we take away from fossil fuels will help, both for the planetary situation and for our energy independence as a state and as a nation. Sea level rise won’t smash us here, but shall we contribute to it elsewhere around the globe? Do we really begrudge a few dollars of investment in order to minimize the consequences for our children?

I don’t; I wish better than that for my kids and for their offspring. For them, never mind for the politics of fuel independence, we must do everything we can to support a diverse range of alternative energy supplies. The sun and the wind are our greatest resources. We must support development of our use of these God-given energy sources and diminish our reliance on the corporate myths that promote fossil fuel use.

Vermont can be a leader in this; we already are starting. Let us not thwart efforts to minimize the long-term effects on our future generations. Solar and wind, and concentration of energy development on a regional level, will be a good step to ensuring the future and security of our children and grandchildren. I’ll be dead by then, but I’m on their side. I love my kids.

Sara Clay

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