Congress too dumb to lead land of the free?
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To the Editor,

I’d like to talk again about how it is in the “Land of the Free” we are not allowed to play online poker for real money. Great Britain allows it, as does Russia, Poland, China, Germany, and the list goes on and on. Our Congress alleges they can’t figure out how to regulate it. Oh? Are they too dumb to copy the regulations already in place in all these other countries? If that’s the case, then aren’t they, de facto, too dumb to be our leaders? Or, maybe, they’ve been bribed or lobbied by the on ground casinos. In which case, they don’t deserve to be our leaders as they’ve been bought sold by interests not of the people. If this is the case, shouldn’t charges of accepting bribes, dereliction of duty, and outright theft (the money we, the taxpayers, pay them) or embezzlement be brought against them?

Sure, the largest online site, Pokerstars, is headquartered on the Isle of Mann, but surely we could copy the regulations Great Britain has. I’m reasonably positive if we asked nicely they’d say yes. Or have none of our leaders thought of this? Again, that would mean they are too dumb to be leaders, wouldn’t it?

Or are they just plain scared their kids would blow the money they’ve so carefully chocked away? Maybe they’ve just gotten so used to business as usual they’ve forgotten us the people. After all, how many of us give them as much as, say Gulf Oil or British Petroleum has? Let’s ask the folks in Oklahoma who just lost it all in the tornado. Congress has yet, I believe, refused aid because that would mean giving something to folks who need it and that would be bad.

Maybe, just maybe, they should all be given retirement come election day.

Thank you for your patience and your time in reading this.

Dwight Schmuck

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