Board has too much salt, nowhere to store it
by Jack Deming
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READSBORO- At Wednesday night’s meeting, superintendent of public works Barry Howes updated the selectboard on the removal of road salt from a collapsed structure on Railroad Alley. Following the snowstorm of December 26-27, the structure, made of galvanized steel bars and a canvas roof, collapsed, forcing the town to move the winter supply to another warehouse on Railroad Alley. Resident Larry Hopkins expressed concern about the long-term effects the salt would have on the barn, which has a dirt floor and houses other town equipment that could be damaged. Selectboard member Dave Marchegiani said it would be discussed further with Howes whether the salt should remain there, or be moved to a more sensible spot.

Town manager Mark Shea informed the selectboard that he would be appealing to FEMA for more grant money to repair a culvert on Ruba Road. The culvert was damaged during Tropical Storm Irene. FEMA has given the town 90% of their estimated project cost ($32,582 out of $36,203). Shea’s goal is to secure $80,000 to repair the culvert to the standards and requirements of Vermont’s Agency of Natural Resources, and to prevent future damage.

The selectboard also voiced their opposition to the possibility of a state tax on home heating oil. Marchegiani told the selectboard that a plan being considered by legislators to raise a tax of 11 cents per gallon on heating oil would be a detriment to residents, especially senior citizens. Selectboard member Teddy Hopkins said letters of opposition had been sent to state representatives John Moran and Richard Sears. “There are three things people should not be denied: food, medicine, and heat, and for any politician to bury their head in the sand about the effect this tax would have on hard-working people paying bills would be horrible.”

The selectboard also approved the reappointment of fire chief Adam Codogni.
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January 11, 2013
An eleven cent tax on home heating oil? Outrageous! Now you know how this legislature in Vermont is out of step with its every day citizens.

This is supposed to be a liberal leadership for the little guy? The peoples party? Think again voters. These legislatures are control freaks and nothing is deemed out of their realm.

If rep John Moran or any other reps in this valley vote for this they should be sent on a train to no man's land.